Looking for a new team-building activity?

Tired of the same old, boring team-building activities?

Need something exciting to catch interest at your trade-show or convention booth?

Wow and entertain your employees and clients with the newest technology experience! 

Book VR2U for your next corporate event.

If you are looking for something new to supercharge team building activities for your organization, contact VR2U to learn more about how virtual reality corporate team building experiences can help improve your team’s collaboration skills.    We will bring the newest virtual reality equipment right to your location for an intense VR cooperative experience.  Your team will have the experience of a lifetime. 

Improve employee retention by creating stronger teams

VR is the perfect cross-over platform to connect employees in your workforce across the generations, genders and ethnicity.  VR will bond the players and improve the team's collaborative ability.  Retention levels improve when your best talent is engaged and feels strong personal bonds with the team. Encourage 21st century leaders with another opportunity to practice collaboration.

How much help do you want or need with your event?

A Mobile VRcade is perfect for team-building activities, trade-show or convention booth attractions, open house event entertainment, office parties, and anything in between.  

Contact our VR2U Event Planner to create an amazing experience.   We can help as much or as little as you want, additional fees may apply.

Super charge your next Team- building session

This cooperative VR team-building experience quickly provides an opportunity for shared team success so participants return to work with a winner’s attitude, ready to tackle your business goals.